Diego Galindo is the founding member and lead guitarist of Sombra Quieta.  From an early age, Diego’s parents noticed his intense interest in music.  His father, Ray Galindo, a second-generation guitarist from Mexico, began to guide and instruct him in many different styles of music.  Among these styles was flamenco, to which Diego had inherited a rich musical heritage from his descendants.

Another great influence in Diego’s musical nurturing was the city in which he was born, Long Beach, California.  His hometown is a major international port city that hosts many transient and permanent cultural and artistic influences.  This exposure allowed Diego to taste many musical styles during his early years that he was able to later incorporate into the music that is now played by Sombra Quieta.

Along with his musical background and unique style of playing, Diego continues to experiment with many Latin styles to give Sombra Quieta its unique musical flavor and energetic rhythmic sound.