Sacha was born in Mexico, into a very musical and artistic family.  Almost from birth and into her adult years, she was surrounded by many different musical styles.  She remembers mornings waking to the sweet sounds of her mother singing while preparing breakfast, and nights being lulled to sleep with calming lullabyes.  Noticing that she had a talent for singing, she was encouraged to take voice lessons to help her develop her abilities.  Family gatherings not only meant colorful and flavorful meals, but singing and guitar playing by family members.
In her early adult years, Sacha was fortunate to be able to live in Spain for several years.  She fell in love with Spanish music, her favorites being Rumba Flamenca, Spanish Rock, and the new Flamenco.  It was in Spain that her musical talents began to take on a new life.
After living in Spain for a number of years, she left Spain to live in California.  It was in California that she met Diego Galindo.  He immediately recognized her musical talents and asked her to join him with Sombra Quieta.  Diego also introduced her to the world of percussions and it was then that she realized that this beat was her fate.
All these life experiences are what have given her the unique contribution that she imparts with Sombra Quieta.  Sacha loves music, and her goal is to use her musical talents to help Sombra Quieta transmit its vibrant rhythmic sounds to its audiences.